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XPMsoftware has been providing professional IT products and services since 1988. Our consultants are highly regarded professionals with expertise in the following areas:

  • Unix/Linux/VMware Consulting Services
  • Network Infrastructure & Security Services
  • Technical Mentoring for Linux and VMware
  • E-mail and Anti-Spam Solutions
  • Hosting Solutions
  • Remote access Lab Solutions

For more information please contact us, or visit one of our solution-specific websites below.

PerfectMail Anti-Spam
Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Solutions. Using dynamic & adaptive techniques PerfectMail makes accuracy and false-positive claims that no other vendor can match; all based on real-world customer feedback. Easy management and superb performance make this a solution that blocks spam and eases your administrative work-load.
Application Enhancements
Infrastructure and Systems Integration & Development consulting; speciallizing in VMware, Unix, Linux and infrastructure. With a wide breadth & depth of knowledge, experience and an ability for creative and lateral thinking, our consultings are highly prized resources for your IT needs.